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A Pathway into Canada, USA, Europe and Australia | Investment migration to Estonia | Visa in 2 Months | Refundable deposit of 32,500 EUR each

September 19, 2023

Estonia Investment Visa

100% refund guaranteed | Departure in 2 Months

A pathway into Europe | No age restrictions | Costs 5M onwards

about the program

Investor Visa Estonia pathway

Explore the benefits of obtaining an investor visa in Estonia as a pathway to enter the Schengen zone and gain access to countries across Europe, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Experience a fast-track process and gain entry within just 2 months.


  1. Long term stay in Estonia
  2. Valid for 1 year and renewable

Process Time:


  1. Police report with Foreign Ministry for all.
  2. Refundable deposit of 65,000 EUR.
  3. Passport valid for 1 year.


Bring your whole family along for the journey with the option for all children and spouses under the age of 18 to travel with you.

Career pathway and PR opportunities

Experience the flexibility of legally working in any Schengen country and potentially obtaining permanent residency status within just 5 years.

Cost and Process



  1. Advance payment + Docs
  2. Company formation (1 Month)
  3. Deposit 65,000 EUR to Bank
  4. Apply and receive Schengen visa (3 weeks)
  5. Travel
  6. Apply and Receive Estonia visa (2 weeks)
  7. Apply for Family and Receive Schengen visa (3 weeks)
  8. Travel

How to Apply

Process (Steps) :

  1. Call or WhatsApp Sharafaz. Message stating - "Estonia Investor Migration"
  2. Send all Documents to Sharafaz to apply (as noted below)
  3. Meet at Office: Screening by US and agreement.
  4. Meet at Office: Confirmation and Advance payment
  5. Company formation - 3 weeks
  6. Pay Lawyer fee and Refundable deposit to bank
  7. Apply / Received Schengen visa in 1 week to travel to Estonia
  8. Clear all payments and receive passport
  9. Ticket + Departure
  10. Estonia: Visit Immigration (2 weeks) for long term visa 1 year


  1. Apply for Family D visa for visa. (via Estonia embassy or Schengen for German)
  2. Receive TR card — 3 month in Estonia and Refund bank deposit
  3. After D visa can travel to Canada as well.

Documents to apply:

Documents (For Visa):

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