WAAZ Consultancy

September 18, 2023

Tile worker - Canada

Earn -
LKR 1,065,000 – 1,278,000
Average English | A/L or Diploma | 2- 5 years of experience

Family PR Pathway to Canada

About the JOB

Welcome to your gateway to an array of exciting career opportunities in the construction field in Canada. Whether you're an experienced professional looking to further your career or someone with a passion for building and creating, we have multiple job openings that could be the perfect fit for you.

Salary Package:

CAD. 4500 - 5400 | LKR. 1,065,000 – 1,278,000


Qualification & Experience:

Departure: 6 - 12 months
Career Pathway

PR  in Canada within 3 years time. Talk to Mr. Sharafaz for suitable career guidance.

How to apply

Documents to apply:

send all docs through the Google Form below

Documents after agreement:

  1. TGL Application (Primary and Dependent)
  2. Original Passport
  3. Updated CV (According to theJD) 
  4. Education /Experience Letters (2 copies)
  5. Passport Bio (2 copies)
  6. Trade Certification
  7. Driving License
  8.  Skill Video 

Send all via Email or WhatsApp

Document Requirements after Job Offer/ after Work Permit: 

Documents must be 100% original

  1.  Passport scan (valid for 1 year) 
  2. Video – Showing the skill level of candidate and verification 
  3. High school / or Equivalent Diploma or Certificate (with Foreign Ministry Attestation)
  4. Experience letter 
  5. Police report with FM Attestation
  6. Bank Statement – 6 months 
  7. EPF / ETF Docs (if any)
  8. Marriage certificate
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Property Documents / Proof thatyou will return to SL in 2 years’ time. 
  11. Family Ties in country of Origin 


  1.  Application (Google Form + CV)
  2. Orientation / Zoom session
  3. Consultation / Agreement
    Sign agreement with TGL to proceed your applicationfor multiple offers. We help you prepare your CV for the standard of Canadian employers and provide interview tips. You will receive an offer in 1-3 months
  4. Job Offers
    In this process, we work with multiple agents and employers to provide a matching job offer. Interview with multiple employers and agents will be arranged.
  5. Work permit (3 months)
  6. Visa + Bureau (2 month)

Apply via Email cveu@waazconsultancy.comAPPLY VIA WhatsApp +94 77 234 6946