WAAZ Consultancy

Computer Science / IT in Austria

September 18, 2023

1,450 EUR annual fee | Affordable pathway for PR in Europe | Family can travel


Bachelors Degree:

Masters Degree:


How to appy

To continue,

Documents to register with WAAZ:

Documents to apply for college:

Please send all documents in one email. You can also upload and share a link.
Please mention your preferred program and college in the email.

Interview with college:

Some colleges and programs require you to interview to confirm your intake.
We will provide tips on proceeding further.

Other documents required to proceed:

We will advise and consult you throughout the process as we proceed with your application.


  1. Register with us by handing over your passport
  2. Apply for college and Interview
    We will apply on your behalf and you will interview
  3. After offer - make 50% of our service fee + other costs to apply for visa.
    We will provide you a breakdown on all charges and guide you to pay them to secure your offer.
    And prepare for your visa application.
  4. Apply for visa in India
    Before departure pay 25% more of our service fee.
    We will handle the appointment and guide you to book tickets and Indian visa.
  5. Receive visa stamped
  6. Departure + Arrival to Austria
  7. Apply and collect Student ID

WAAZ guarantee:

Visa is almost guaranteed, and if there's a rejection, we'll refund 100% of service charges and assist with an alternative plan or reapplication.

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